The New York Sunday Morning Journal


Albert Pulitzer (1882-1894). Nearly absent from NY journalism history until sold to Hearst in 1895. Never microfilmed, not digitized. One copy, bound, at Library of Congress.

Found on e-bay: “Morning Journal Library” 1891.

Found on e-bay: NY Morning Journal, Poster Art Supplement, 1891.

Leading back to Library of Congress to find introduction to the novelties.

First instance of poster art supplement: DATE. Initially b&w lithographs.

First extant colour poster art supplement: fused to facing page.

Many extant poster art supplements are folded for binding.

For many poster art supplements, the creases from the original fold for delivery are so fragile that the poster has broken; paste that attached to front page now fused to facing page.

First instance of library novel supplement: DATE. Initially just summer season.

Library novel supplements are bound still folded and uncut.

In order to microfilm, in order to digitize, the bound object would need  to be destroyed, but its binding actually preserves elements of the form in context.