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(2022) Co-Author with Sandra Gabriele. The Sunday Paper: A Media History. University of Illinois Press. [GOOGLE BOOKS PREVIEW] [Journalism History Podcast Interview]

(2022) Author “Narrative Cinema as a Separate Attraction: Archie L. Shepard’s Newspaper Publicity,” in New Perspectives on Early Cinema History: Concepts, Approaches, Audiences, eds. M. Slugan and D. Biltereyst. Bloomsbury, 167-192.

(2021) Co-Author with J.L. Whitehead Cinema Paradiso: Toronto’s Italian Language Cinemas and Distribution Networks” in Italian Americans on Screen: Challenging the Past, Re-Theorizing the Future, eds. R. Calabretta-Sajder and A. Gravano. Lexington-Rowman & Littlefield, 183-211.

(2020) Co-Author with Verhoeven, Coles, Coate, Zemaityte, Musial, Prommer, Mantsio, Taylor, Eltham, Loist and Davidson “Disciplinary Itineraries and Digital Methods: Examining the Kinomatics Collaboration Networks.” NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies 9(2): 273-298.

(2020) Author. “Show-boating and Race-baiting: Movies aboard the ‘Sunny South’,” in Floating Cinemas, eds. J. Petrychyn and T. Goldman. In Media Res: A Media Commons Project. October 12.

(2020) Co-Author with J.L. Whitehead and L.B. Pelletier ‘The Girl Friend in Canada’: Ray Lewis and the Canadian Moving Pictures Digest, 1915-1957,” in Mapping Movie Magazines: Digitization, Periodicals and Cinema History, eds. D. Biltereyst and L. Van de Vijver. Palgrave, 127-152.

(2019) Author “It Pays to Plan ‘Em”: The Newspaper Movie Directory as a Spectre of Conspicuous Consumption” in Companion to New Cinema History, eds. Biltereyst, Maltby and Meers.  Routledge, 365-377.

(2019) Author “‘Bought, Sold, Exchanged and Rented’: The Early Film Exchange and the Market in Second-hand Films in New York Clipper Classified Ads,Film History 31(2): 1-31.

(2018) Author “A Distant Reading of the Chaser Theory: Local Views and the Digital Generation of New Cinema History” in Hidalgo & Gaudreault, eds. Film History, Technology and Film Scholarship: Experience, Study, Theory.  Amsterdam University Press, 169-193.

(2018) Author “Spaces In-Between: The Railway and Early Cinema in Canada” in Rural Cinema Exhibition and Audiences in a Global Context, eds. Treveri Gennari, Hipkins and O’Rawe.  Palgrave-Macmillan, 73-89.

(2017) Circuits of Cinema 2017 Conference: (click here for more)

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
22 to 24 June 2017 

Pre-Conference 21 June 2017: Mapping Movies “data-sharing” workshop

(2016) Co-Author & Co-Editor with Phillip Roberts “Objects, Archives, and Collections.” Early Popular Visual Culture 14(4): 297-301.

(2016) “Ephemera as Medium: The Afterlife of Lost Films.” The Moving Image 16(1): 134-139.

(2015) “Space, Place and Case: Surveying the Grounds of Cinema History.” Early Popular Visual Culture 13(4): 336-343.

A review essay of Hallam & Roberts (2014), Bean, Kapse & Horak (2014), and Cinquegrani (2014).

(2014) “Wide-Open Screens: Early Cinema in Saskatchewan,” inRogers and Ramsay, eds., Overlooking Saskatchewan: Minding the Gap. Regina: Univeristy of Regina Press, 45-61.

(2014) “Subscribing to Publicity: Syndicated Newspaper Features for Moviegoing in North  America, 1911-1915.” Early Popular Visual Culture 12(2): 260-273.

(2013) “The Grand Opening of the Movie Theatre in the Second Birth of Cinema.” Early Popular Visual Culture 11(2): 113-125.

(2013) “The Flow of Amusement: The First Year of Cinema in the Red River Valley,” in Conway and Pasch, eds., Beyond the Border: Tensions Across the 49th Parallel. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 71-89.

CULTURAL INDUSTRIES.ca : Making Sense of Canadian Media in the Digital Age.

 (2012) “Mapping Early Cinema’s Mass Circulation: Film Debuts Coast-to-Coast in Canada Canadian Journal of Film Studies 21(1): 58-80.

Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste.

  • with Michelle Coyne (2012), “Material Culture Today,” in Zimring & Rathji, eds., Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste. Thousand Oaks: Sage, 516-519.

(2012) “Advance Newspaper Publicity for the Vitascope and the Mass Address of Cinema’s Reading Public,” in Gaudreault, Dulac & Hidalgo, eds. Companion to Early Cinema Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 381-397.

Co-Editor and Introduction Co-Author (2012) Beyond the Screen: Institutions, Networks and Publics of Early Cinema. Eastleigh, UK: John Libbey.

(2011) “The Social Biograph: Newspapers as Archives of the Regional Mass Market for Movies,” in Maltby, Meers & Biltereyst, eds., Explorations in New Cinema History. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 269-279.

Intersections of Media and Communications

  • with Sandra Gabriele (2011) “Media R/Evolutions,” in Straw, Wagman & Gabriele, eds., Intersections of Media & Communications. Toronto: Edmund Montgomery, 113-134.

(2010) “Early Movie-going in Niagara: From Itinerant Shows to Local Institutions, 1897-1910,” in Nicks and Grant, eds., Covering Niagara: Studies in Local Popular Culture. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 69-90.

Canadian Journal of Communication 34 (3)

with Philip Dombowsky (2009) “Allen Theatre Enterprises,” Marquee 40(3): 3-31.

(2008) Now Playing: Early Moviegoing and the Regulation of Fun. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. Horizons of Cinema Series. (click here for more)

(2008) “Socially Combustible: Panicky People, Flammable Films, and the Dangerous New Technology of the Nickelodeon,” in Bennett, Furstenau & MacKenzie, eds. Cinema and Technology. New York: Palgrave, 75-87.

(2008) “Nationalist Filmgoing without Canadian-Made Films?” in Abel, King & Bertollini, eds., Early Cinema and the National. Eastleigh, UK: John Libbey Press, 155-163.

(2007) “Newfoundland Amusements: Early Picture Shows at the Fulcrum of Modern and Parochial St. John’s.” Newfoundland and Labrador Studies 22(2): 447-471.

(2006) “James M. Sessions’ Advertising for Balaban & Katz Theatres,” Marquee, 38(1): 17-24.

(2005) “Everybody’s Going: City Newspapers and the Early Mass Market for Movies.” City & Community 4(4): 339-357.

with Louis Pelletier (2005) “Une excentrique au coeur de l’industrie: Ray Lewis et le Canadian Moving Picture Digest.” Cinémas 16(1): 59-90.

(2004) “Movie Palaces on Canadian Downtown Main Streets,” Urban History Review 32(2): 3-20.

(2003) “Nathan L. Nathanson Introduces Canadian Odeon,” Canadian Journal of Film Studies 12(2): 22-45.

Research conducted for the Film Studies Association of Canada’s Gerald Pratley Student Research Award and Keynote Lecture.

(2002) “Weekday Matinee: Scene of the Daydream in Everyday Life.” Public 22: 37-52.

(2002) “The Ontario Odeons of Jay I. English,” Marquee 34(3): 4-13.