Paul S. Moore is Associate Professor at Ryerson University in Toronto.  Paul’s research constitutes mass market and urban modernity while much of his focus over the years deals with early cinema-going in Ontario (specifically Toronto), Canada and parts of the United States’ mid-west.  Through several lenses, which include showmanship, regulation and promotion, Paul has uncovered a history seldom written about in early cinema-going.


This site details Paul’s work, his past and current collaborations in regards to these and other new topics that Paul intends to research and expound on in the coming years.  Paul would like you to join in his journey, if not as a collaborator then as a passing visitor with an academic interest in early cinema.

Paul’s enthusiasm in this area is unrivaled as he continues to shed light on early film-goers, newspapers as cultural technology, and the business of cinema during its earliest eras.

From 2012 to 2017, Moore served as Ryerson Director of the Joint with York Graduate Program in Communication and Culture.

His recent research, Circuits of Cinema, tells the history of film and media distribution from the earliest days of traveling shows to global blockbusters.


Prof. Paul Moore’s CV

A copy of Paul’s CV in PDF form is available here.

Awards and Other Accomplishments

Emphasizing service learning and applied practice, for coordinating in teaching Sociology’s methodology curriculum, Paul received the Provost’s Experiential Teaching Award in 2010 alongside Prof. Noack.

Paul’s interests include but are not limited to the following:

  • Media History; Communications Theory; Urban Studies; Methodologies

Professor Moore aims to incorporate historical overviews of modernity and communications into courses of all stripes.


The Canadian Theatre Historical Project has researched partial histories of thousands of cinemas and theatres, coast to coast in Canada.

Contact Prof. Moore if you have a story to provide, or a question to have answered, about your local movie theatres.

Paul’s PhD Students:

Michelle Coyne, PhD (2014)

Food Studies & Food Security; Gleaning, Food Activisim & Reclamation

Michael Thorn, PhD (2015)

Religion, Media & Culture;  Earned Media of Ex-Gay Therapy

Joey Brooke Jakob, PhD (2017)

Visual Communication & Media Affect; War-Trophy Photography since 9/11

Alya Naumova, PhD (2017)

Living History & Urban Culture; Toronto’s Historic House Museums

Jessica Whitehead, PhD (2018)

Regional Film Culture; “Leo” Mascioli’s “Northern Empire” Theatre chain

Kyler Zeleny, PhD (2020)

Canadian Prairie Landscape Photography; Visual Sociology