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4-2008-Moore-NowPlaying(2008) Now Playing: Early Moviegoing and the Regulation of Fun. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. Horizons of Cinema Series.
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2009 Winner: Gertrude J. Robinson Prize of the Canadian Communication Association

Reviewed in 2009-2011 in:

Canadian Journal of Film Studies 18(1), by Joan Nicks.

Canadian Journal of Urban Research 19(1), by Douglas Ivison.

Journal of Popular Culture 42(2), by Annessa C. Stagner.

Journal of Social History 44(2), by Martin Johnson.

Nineteenth-Century Theatre and Film 38(1), by Charles Tepperman.

Screen 50(2), by C. Paul Sellors.

Urban History Review 38(1), by Valerie Minnett.

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